Beginners guide to Competition Paintball

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The Beginners Guide to Competition Paintball


Paintball is an extreme sport that will have you hooked. It doesn’t need to be nearly as expensive or time consuming as you think and you can get into some epic games, fun teams and social events tomorrow.


We at Spitfire are into Speedball. Speedball in its general form is an extremely fast paced game played on a field comprising blow up bunkers, of which the same type and location are replicated on each side of the playing field.


Paintball Comp

Generally the Speedball games are based on 3v3, 5v5 or 7v7 teams. We have a training field at Spitfire with some minor competitions whilst there are regular big comps and events at a select few of the Outdoor fields in Australia and throughout the world.

Another type of Competition Paintball is Bushball. Bushball is a scenario based game usually held in large outdoor environments designed to replicate a war like scenario. They go for much longer periods of time and can involve hundreds of players at once.





So where do I start?

Well, for starters, find a field that is into Competition Paintball, introduce yourself and get involved in some training and Paintball activities.

Generally those involved in Competition Paintball are outgoing and fun and want you to join so the sport continues.





How much does it cost?

Competition Paintball is CHEAP (compared to Recreational Paintball). Generally the costs to get onto the field are made up of;

Field Fee (to get access to the field and ensure the fields can be maintained and remain open).
Paintballs (these are purchased in boxes of 2000 Paintballs or sometimes in bags of 500).
Equipment & Paintball Marker (Gun) Hire.




At Spitfire, our prices are (subject to change);

Field Fee – $35
Paintalls – $60 per 2000, or $17.50 per 500
Equipment Hire – $20







What should I Buy?

For starters – Nothing.

However the first recommendation would be to buy your own Paintball Mask. The Fields generally have these for hire, but they have often been used regularly by Recreational Players and won’t necessarily be in great condition.



Your own Paintball Mask generally starts at about $160. They come in a range of brands or colours and will usually have Anti Fog Lenses, Adjustable Straps and even carry bags.

Once you have your mask, the list of options are endless, from Paintball Pods and Packs, Arm Guards, Shoes, Pants, Shirts, and clothing through to purchasing your own Paintball Marker.




How do I get my own Gun?

To get your own Paintball Marker (Gun), you need to apply for a Paintball Permit through the NSW Firearms Registry. A good Paintball field will help you with this.
You will need to contact the NSW Firearms Registry and ask for a Paintball Gun Licence. If you do not already hold a NSW Firearms Licence, you will also need to undertake a Firearms Safety Awareness Course.

For each Paintball Marker (Gun) you wish to purchase, you will need a Permit to Acquire (PTA). These are also obtained from the NSW Firearms Registry.



You will also need to store your Paintball Marker (Gun) somewhere. If you are a regular at a Paintball field, they can sometimes store them for you, otherwise you will need to have the relevant Firearms Safe installed at your house and have the local Police inspect it.

So where now?

Easy, pop down to see us at Spitfire, come down to our Training Nights (TUESDAYS from 6:30pm), or give us a call and we will introduce you to our teams and get you into some epic Paintball games.

See you Soon!!!





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