Organising a Bucks Party

So you’ve just found out your best buddy is taking the plunge, he’s in L-O-V-E and wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman in his life. Good for him …. (as long as he doesn’t forget the weekly poker games and boys nights!)


So how do you organising the BEST bucks party possible?

There are a few simple rules to follow to make the event as memorable and eventful as possible.

1. Keep the costs reasonable – If the price is too high, those with a bit less cash to splurge might feel unwelcome or unable to attend.
2. Keep it simple – Trying to organising too many activites into one day leads to frustration, stress and panic through the day. Pick 2 or 3 events which don’t take huge amounts of time or planning and stick to them. Trying to cram as many things into one day as possible might sound fun and make you the winning Best Man, but when you arrive late to the event because traffic was bad, your mate’s struggle with the time/place/date details etc, the day can quickly start deteriorating and the fun wont last.
3. Keep it legal – Not just to avoid the fuzz, but at the places you visit, those businesses have rules and regulations in order to keep you safe and to ensure they can keep trading…. respect a few of those rules, we promise they aren’t there to ruin your day.
4. Don’t get smashed too early – There are numerous reasons for this, one being that a lot of bucks day activities require you to be sober. Plus pubs and clubs are becoming a bit stricter on those who stumble on the sidewalk, getting refused entry can end a night very early.

The best bucks parties are simple, easy to organise and manage, and focus on spending time with your mates.
The bucks party is about sending off your mate to the next part of his life (not public nudity, embarrassment, humiliation or hand cuffs).
Pick a couple of fun boys activities, speak to reputable providers and businesses and remember that the day is all about spending some time with mates, celebrating a wonderful occasion and all the focus should be on the Buck, it’s his day.


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