For the FINEST experience in Paintball, Spitfire Paintball and Go Karts boasts the Best Indoor Paintball Field in Sydney.

Our field has been strategically designed to give opposing teams the best chance of success and defeat through tactical advancements and team work.

Our Urban Warfare field is unlike anything in Sydney, featuring Police Cars, a Bank, Buildings and Street Settings, the fire fights are as epic as they come as you battle the Bank Robbers, take control of the houses or fight it out in a siege.

Our Paintball Guns and Equipment is expertly maintained and serviced to ensure the most accurate and reliable equipment available – our Guns won’t let you down mid Fire Fight.

Reball - Paintless Paintballs

Spitfire Paintball & Go Karts have recently converted our Paintball Fields into dedicated Reball Fields.
Reballs are Paintless Paintballs, and provide the full Paintball game experience without the oily mess. Our Reballs, introduced with the assistance of Reball Australia, utilise the original and best Reball product, designed in Europe, to exactly replicate a Paintball and use the same equipment and Paintball Guns to give the exact same adrenaline pumping games and experience, but without the oily mess and dirty experience of traditional Paintball.

All Paintball Events Includes; 

  • Games Referee.
  • Gear Hire (Mask, Jersey, Harness and Pods)
  • Unlimited Air Refills
  • Field and Game Support.
  • Use of both of our specially designed Fields.

Exclusive Field Hire - Unlimited Paintballs

Australia’s ONLY Unlimited Paintball Packages Includes;

  • Unlimited Paintballs
  • Private use of Fields and your own Referee
  • Gear HIre (Mask, Team Jersey, Harness & Pods)
  • Unlimited Air Refills
  • Complimentary Day Pass Access

For the BEST Paintball Event, Spitfire’s famous Unlimited Exclusive Fields Hire is the must do activity for you.

Includes up to 12ppl;

1 Hour – $1100
($50pp additional Players)

2 Hours – $1700
($75pp additional Players)

Paintball Packages - Per Person

Spitfire Paintball Packages include;

  • Game Play Referee
  • Gear Hire (Mask, Team Jersey, Harness & Pods)
  • Unlimited Air Refills
  • Field Support

Book your Paintball Event with us and let everyone decide how many Paintballs they want to pump out with our Per Person Paintball Events.

Alpha 400 Paintballs – $80

Bravo 600 Paintballs – $100

Charlie 1000 Paintballs – $140

All Players Require $9 Annual Access Pass

Bookings & Deposits

Bookings for Paintball Required.

  • Deposit Required
    • $25pp or $250 Field Hire (1 Hour)/$500 Field Hire (2 Hours)
  • Deposit is Non Refundable 7 Days Before Event.
  • Exclusive Field Hire Includes up to 12 players – Additional Players can be added.

FAQs & Rules

  • Paintball Players MUST be 12+ Years of Age.
  • Bookings Essential
  • Enclosed Shoes MUST be worn.
  • Zero Alcohol &/or Drugs.
  • Photo ID Required by ALL Players
  • Additional Paintballs Available
    • $40 for 200
    • $75 for 500
    • $139 for 1000
  • Additional Safety Equipment Available for Hire/Purchase
    • Chest/Back Protection
    • Knee Pads
    • Neck Protection
    • Gloves
    • Groin Guards