Who’s the quickest on the track???

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So your down at the track, you need to beat your mates around the track, and show your boss who’s in it to win, so what is the quickest way around the Go Kart Track. Well we have taken some time to closely look at our track (and others) and we can give you these simple driving tips to help you get the most out of your kart;

1 – Sit down, get comfortable and relax.

If you are tense and your brain is in overdrive, you will over think things, react wrong and make bad judgements. Get comfortable in the kart, get a feeling for the steering, brakes and accelerator and you will better understand how the kart performs.

2 – Choose your corner speed.

In a corner, the speed you enter will usually impact on how fast you exit. If you enter too hot (too fast), you will come out the other side too slow. Travel into the corner too slow, and you will come out slow. Review, decide and prepare for the corner well before you get to it so you have the best chance of exiting quickly, maintaining the speed and momentum and you will get the best pace for the next straight.

3 – Be Smooth with the kart.

The karts can handle a lot of punishment, but they don’t like it!!! Use the steering, braking and accelerators smoothly. Once you are taking things easy, allow the kart to do all the work and keeping things smooth, you will flow through the corners and around the track with the most pace and feel very comfortable doing it.

Next down you are down at Spitfire, come and chat to our track staff, and if its quiet, ask to have a closer look at the track, we are always happy to do a track walk and show you a few tips and pointers.

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